Note: Rust-Oleum® Acrylic Lacquer Clear features an advanced spray system that allows you to spray at any angle, even upside down for those hard to reach areas. Ing. I’m wanting to re=finish some older kitchen cabinets in my home that have a honey oak stain with a lacquer topcoat. TOP: sher-wood CAB-Acrylic Lacquer (i don’t want any yellowing). We just purchased a kitchen island with a wood top that may have some wood laminate sections on it. Find out more about our product solutions today. Will this matter or do I need to find a non catilyzed for the top coat? The instrument is made of steel and African Kiaat wood. The advantage of acrylic lacquer … No two finishing lines are exactly the same. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. Think of the lacquers as having three basic classes: nitrocellulose, CAB-Acrylic, and Catalyzed. Should I ever be compensated to write, I will make full disclosure. If the lacquer product your using doesn’t appear to be spraying right, I just add up to 10% high grade lacquer thinner to the product. It also has slightly better heat resistance and is less brittle. I have been told some time ago that I would need to use “universal tinting lacquer.” I have been unable to locate this product. For a good and affordable waterborne, give Hydrocote Resisthane a try. I’m sorry I’m late but I just stopped over here cuz since i.used this product I never touched lacquer again it was such a mess I made a room with bookcases on all four walls and I have put on on it like 6 cotes day, sealer, stain, glaze, and than whan I put on the lacquer after a week I have to strip down the whole project it was such a mess….. : it is best applied by spray equipment, diluted with regular lacquer thinner to obtain the ideal spraying viscosity, and it is fast-drying. Those are meant for outdoor environments where expansiona and contraction, as well as moisture, are constantly present. Is this a good practice that you would suggest., I woulsd like to get into spraying more lacquer because its looks great and dries fast, but all the options out there are confusing to someone new to spraying, like me. These are for repaint cabinets and not raw wood. The Wood Whisperer is proudly sponsored by brands that Marc trusts. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely our own. Our easy to use lacquer spray paint has been specially developed to produce a quick drying, tough and durable finish. I just have to throw in my thoughts here on this one. I have been spraying just the CAB product for about a year now and WHOA, what a fun product to work with. Acrylic Lacquer: A new, low voc clear coating for wood. I use an air compressor and a air spray gun. I have done a lot of spraying in a cool winter shop both in Ohio and Montana. So you might try asking the local store if they can mix up a batch of lacquer (CAB or not) that has the black color added to it. Ultra UniLaq® CAB Acrylic Clear Lacquer - Semi-Gloss 1M.976. Perhaps they’ve been mixing it incorrectly. My first is a console table and will be getting to the finishing stage in a few weeks. But what comes to mind is something oil-based. From what I read I gather Acylic lacquer may work. The dry time definitely slows down but I can still get a coat every 30 to 45 minutes without a problem. Now I am sanding that all off, and trying to decide what’s next. 3.7 out of 5 stars 15 ratings | 12 answered questions Price: £23.99 & FREE Delivery: Secure transaction Your transaction is secure We work hard to protect your security and privacy. CAB-Acrylic Lacquer To some degree, all lacquers become brittle with exposure to sunlight, but the CAB-Acrylics will stay more flexible than anything else that I have used. POISONS SCHEDULE NUMBER none I plan to finish the door panels prior to assembly with a finish compatible with the lacquer. I hear so many pros and con’s, it certainly has to be safer. So if you can get it, it’s great stuff. I guess I am looking for a product that is flexible, very durable and resistant to wear and tear. Thanks man. Lays down so very nice. This is an acrylic lacquer, not melamine. So that’s one reason for their recommendation. How to spray Acrylic Lacquer guide. It is also more expensive. It’s not always necessary but it’s good (fairly standard) practice. I purchased “Sher-wood”CAB Acrylic laquer in dull rub effect. We did have good ventilation and equipment. You can hit spots and edges pretty fearlessly because at the end, you 220 all of it down to a uniform flat coat. Unless you’re thinking about using a catalyzed lacquer, I’d probably avoid it. Ultra UniLaq ® CAB Clear Lacquer products are unique cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) lacquers designed for woodworkers who demand ultimate clarity found only in a true non-yellowing solvent-borne lacquer. Is there another finish that is the Pre-cat CAB Acrylic lacquer? Especially if it’s an occupied home, a brushed-on finish means much more control and no over-spray. CAB/Acrylic Clear Topcoat. Thank you for the information. After your top coat or stain of choice, a light scuff or 800 to 1200 grit sand paper should suffice. But then again, I’m a little lazy in that area, lol. If any one here can find for me this pre cat cab acrylic and send it out for me can content me here in I will really appreciate it. for pricing and availability. It will still have an odor and need some time with good ventilation but it won’t be nearly as bad as lacquer. 77. My favorite lacquers are the Sherwin Williams line of pre-cats. It gets hard and has good blocking resistance for shelves so that objects don’t stick after sitting for a while like latex does. In either case, I am having trouble getting the CAB lacquer in Tucson. For brushing, I think something like Polycrylic would get you better results. I will check this with Naphtha after I finish sanding. Difficulty is that it is a very complex shape that is impossible to work from one side to the other methodically (start on the center post, when you get to a tread, do you do the tread or keep going on the post?) Acrylic is also used in enamel paints, which have the advantage of not needing to be buffed to obtain a shine. As for “money is no object”, they are all good coatings, each company and each coating has its pluses and minuses, including the cost of the material. Any finish will run if you spray too heavy of a coat. It seems to easily show scratches with wicked white lines. All the builds are solid walnut (no sapwood). Posts Are Coming Soon. We only spray lacquer to match original finishes on classic cars that don't spend much time outdoors because it tends to age more quickly and is quite difficult to apply several coats in different spraying sessions and prepping between each session. Go light on the edges. I’m looking to simply liven up the original wood on some antique wood crates. Excellent filling properties. Hey Craig. Any advice would be welcome – I was excited to find your message board. I sprayed on the white and put 2 coats of gloss clear on top of that and it turned out great. And if you want to apply 3-4 coats you’re looking at potentially 3-4 days of work, depending on the drying conditions. For polyester, though, I do use Menzerna because they make a full array of stick compounds, perfect for loading up my felt wheels. S25 Avoid contact with eyes. At home in Montana the ambient shop humidity level runs about 20%. I am using Sherwin Williams Catalyzed Lacquer (precat) in my home shop. The finish, however, is very durable as a result of the chemical curing process. Might just try a new can and see if that improves results. Polyurethane? Now I am getting confused by all this info and my head is spinning. I would need some UV protection also since things like my bookcases will be near windows, etc. Spray Shellac sanding sealer. , My Very Brief Experience with a Makita Track Saw. I notice that the high build is more shiny than the regular. A good friend built a desk and used Minwax stain on it. As usual you hit the nail on the head. I would imagine there are some heavy duty finishes I’m not even aware of that would be good for what you describe. This site uses affiliate links. Hello, The clear CAB acrylic is your money shot, but like I say, if you can spray oils, you probably can do this fine. Will I then need to put on a coat of SealCoat in order to later spray the lacquer on top? The most widely used of these products is called CAB-acrylic lacquer, made with cellulose acetate butyrate and acrylic resins. Of course there are many other high quality brands out there, but Sherwin Williams is the only one I have extensive experience with. Aren’t you supposed to have special equipment (fans, lights, etc) to spray lacquer? The SHER-WOOD® CAB-Acrylic Lacquer doesn’t appear to be a pre-cat lacquer (no mention of catalyst on their web site.). Guess I missed this one when it came in. S51 Use only in well-ventilated areas. I don't know how these are different from just plain acrylics, nor how the acrylic lacquer differs from acrylic enamel :-(We need a chemist to fill us in on this! Hopefully this should save you some running around town:). You can easily end up with “blushing” (moisture trapped in the finish). I am a younger person trying this for the first time and would greatly appreciate any suggestions or comments on how to do this right . Or am I safe to just scuff up and spray? Any help would be greatly appreciated. First try was with Dura Seal waterborne poly. Valspar now has a polyester base that sticks to metal, wood,etc- dries in 15 mins. 2k Clear Lacquer Aerosol Spray Can Pro 2k Ultimate Clear 2 pack Acrylic 200ml Brand: Pro-xl. Probably OK for light duty apications such as … Glaze Coat Clear Gloss Oil-Based Lacquer (1-Quart) Item #147376. CAB-Acrylic lacquers are made with acrylic resins and they dry “water white”, meaning they will not yellow over time. Model #5050080. Enamels, however, are slow drying. So how do these finishes work? There are risks to spraying any type of solvent lacquer over any existing, and older, paint or finish. You will need to spray on your lacquer to avoid that. The Wood Whisperer abides by word of mouth marketing standards and holds integrity in the highest regard. I find that builds up a gorgeous finish with color in each coat. Hi guys. And that goes for any type of finish you apply. My experience with the waterborne lacquer from Target Coatings was a money losing one. Weather and corrosion resistant. The drying time is slightly longer than that of the melamine lacquer spray, but it’s still only around 20 minutes. My dad was a painting way back in the day and I used it with him and had great experiences with it. I have to thin my laquer so it will spray out nice. We are leaving it natural white oak and want to finished it with something that will not yellow and that will protect the wood. I just wanted to add a caveat to the S-W precat lacquers. Click to see full answer The most widely used of these products is called CAB-acrylic lacquer, made with cellulose acetate butyrate and acrylic resins. My experience is that I wipe everything down with naphtha between coats, to make sure I don’t leave any oil off of my hands, also any moister will evaporate before next coat. Hi, I had kitchen cabinets professionally spray painted. Hi. Not sure that’s the best choice for something requiring a little flex. Can’t really offer an informed opinion unfortunately. I was thinking shellac as it will work over knots but wasn’t sure if it would work with the lacquer. Yes, many years late to this post but having just finish Jeff Jewitt’s book on Finishing I have to say this is the best explanation I’ve read on the various lacquers out there. Hi, I am having some nice custom furniture I designed built (very expensive). Réponse préférée. What I want to accomplish is a dark , kind of like mahogany color. What do you recommend? Contains toxic, flammable, smelly, and air-polluting chemicals. :). I am trying to put a thick lacquer finish on a axe handle that is hand braided with think leather. Lacquer? So I’ve acquired a post-catalyzing conversion varnish for a built-in cabinet project I’m currently working on and finding information on using these products seems to be very limited. Therese, I’m new to spraying and was wondering what was the best type of lacquer is for spraying build in book shelves in a house. I have a question too, I thought spraying lacquer was a no-no without a booth? One gentleman said to avoid the cloudy/plastic look he sprays 2 coats of gloss, followed by a final coat of the sheen desired (satin, semi-gloss, gloss). I don’t use anything else.. i spray clear gloss laquer over latex flat and chalk paint allthe time. Is there a black CAB lacquer? I never held a *spray* gun before but it doesn’t seem that difficult. SW has a lacquer but it is catalyzed. Posts Are Coming Soon. Thank you very much ! Related question – for paitning previously finished cabinets (maple cabinets with poly), what’s the best way to prepare the surface for the CAB Acrylic Lacquer? When you spray lacquer over a solvent-based acrylic finish, they combine to form a hybrid film, even if the acrylic is pigmented to form a paint. Lacquer finishes can be beautiful, but they are fairly rigid. Il y a 1 décennie. Spray, 20 minutes flip and spray, 20 minutes flip and spray. Dries very quickly – speeds production and minimizes dust problems. You can use a razor blade to remove the extra material after it dries. It is sometimes labeled as CAB-acrylic lacquer. CAB-Acrylic lacquers are made with acrylic resins and they dry “water white”, meaning they will not yellow over time. I’m not sure if its available in your area, but you should see if you can get the Pre-cat CAB Acrylic lacquer. Use our Distributor Locator to … UV resistant and non fading and yellowing. At a price that is only slightly higher than Deft ($36.00 a gallon), the lacquer by Sherwin-Williams is "water white" in the can, and it will not turn yellow in our lifetime. Several mentioned they think that the formulation has changed so they now thin it with mineral spirits. Hi Marc, When you spray lacquer over a solvent-based acrylic finish, they combine to form a hybrid film, even if the acrylic is pigmented to form a paint. I have been spraying lacquers, and other flammable paints for some time. But for the home shop, I would probably not leave it for more than 24 hrs. S23 Do not breathe vapour/spray. Fast drying. CAB-Acrylic Lacquer To some degree, all lacquers become brittle with exposure to sunlight, but the CAB-Acrylics will stay more flexible than anything else that I have used. Anything that started to dry would generally redissolve as soon as the lacquer thinner hit it. As you know the lacquer has to dry a couple of weeks before you can put anything else over it. It’s a white and grey faux marble, if that helps. It isn't unusual to clear-coat an acrylic paint finish on a metal surface, such as on an automobile, with CAB- acrylic or acrylic lacquer . Does anyone know if you can spray Lacquer clear finish over acrylic paint? 8 réponses. If you use a type of lacquer known as cab-acrylic or butyrate lacquer it is completely compatible with nitro lacquer and will remain clear. Primer Shopping List. Update: check out my latest video on lessons I have learned. I am curious of your opinion on Krylon Special Purpose lacquer ultra hard factory like finish sold at Sherwin Williams. [email protected], I am a retired shop instructor and have sprayed many gallons of lacquer. These lacquers can be used for finishing kitchen cabinetry, furniture, and other interior woodworking. Just to smooth out the surface and get rid of any trash or nibs you may have. These books will review all the the standard finishes and give you a more in depth review on the pros/cons of each finish. I do have a small paint room with a exhaust fan ,but not so sure it is spark proof. It’s going to be under a shade tree and we live in the Phoenix area so not as much rain or humidity. How do you paint over lacquer? How to spray Primer Filler guide . But the other options will all work depending on your desires for the finish and your skill in applying them. After reading all the comments now I am wondering, would I be better off finishing it with a pre-cat CAB acrylic lacquer since the gate will be out doors? Dan = Just found this site. Catalyzed lacquers consist of both pre- and post-catalyzed versions. Yoann. Causes serious eye irritation. Hello wood experts! I realize its been sometime since you asked, did you ever get it restored? Around the kitchen sink where water drips the paint is cracking and peeling off the cabinets. But I remember him talking about white water lacqouer and how water resistant it was. Now I use SW catalyze lacquer for bigger builds with good results. So in addition to the foam brush issue, they may simple advise against brushing the product at all. This due to flammable aspect of it. Post-catalyzed, Pre-catalyzed, nitrocellulose, water-borne. Any thoughts on dulux diamond kote for kitchen cupboard boxes, Your email address will not be published. You might want to avoid lacquer all together then. Nope. Lacquer will dissolve the foam. Sherwin-Williams is a leading manufacturer of industrial coatings with a proven history of durability, color, innovation, and service. Thanks for your wonderful website. I would not use lacquer spray on any art project that I have completed. What would make Sherwin Williams precat unable to be brushed on? Would oil or a pre-cat lacquer be a better choice for kitchen cabinets or would the waterborne be ok??? CAB acrylic dries too fast to even out, so you’d have to do tons of sanding to get the brush marks out – it’s really designed to spray on. It has been my experience that CAB resin tends to bridge on sharp edges and inside corners (something to do with the nature of the resin molecule I think) when applied by folks who are not familiar with the pratfalls of CAB lacquers. It is available in clear from Highland Woodworking and both clear and pigmented from Hood Finishing I built a bathroom vanity for my parents and they wanted a painted finish in gloss white. Keeping in mind that these boards are constantly being flexed and pushed aggresively. So there was no reason to clean the gun (which amounts to nothing more than running lacquer thinner through it). HI I was wondering if I could get some suggestions for a project I am attempting. There are brushing lacquers out there. It saves time because there's no sanding between coats, and it dries to the touch in 30 minutes. I love this stuff. Larry, I too would suggest the Sherwin Williams products as well but I beleive you will only find their laqcuer products at an industrial coatings branch this is due to EPA regulations that most of your local stores will be unable to meet. The piano is all black and shiny. Andrew, What do other high-end finishing companies use? Our shop didn’t have very good results with water based products. I may have to do poly again, because there are some parts with ingrain that seem to have absorbed the poly a little more deeply than I can sand out. So even though these finishes are solvent-based, water is the carrier, hence the term, waterborne. Your best bet is to contact them directly. It isn't unusual to clear-coat an acrylic paint finish on a metal surface, such as on an automobile, with CAB-acrylic or acrylic lacquer. As far as conditions go, lacquers are not as forgiving as other wood finishes. Primer Shopping List. PAL-005 Satin White Cab/Acrylic Lacquer PAL-006 Flat White Cab/Acrylic Lacquer PNL-005 Gloss White PNL-006 Semi-Gloss White Lacquer PNL-008 Satin White Lacquer PNL-074 Gloss White Pre-Cat Lacquer PNL-041 Semi-Gloss White Pre-Cat Lacquer PNL-034 Satin White Pre-Cat Lacquer PNL-075 Flat White Pre-Cat Lacquer. I’m trying to find a good lacquer for this type of wood that will not hinder the vibration of the instrument a large amount, and will also be able to stand up to strong hospital-grade cleaning chemical wipes that I would use between patient contacts. my question may sound stupid, but I was wondering by reading this blog what is the difference between “water-based” and “waterborne” lacquers, is it the same ? Thank you so much, oh and I’m in Las Vegas so humidity and temperature will not be an issue. Lacquer is quick to dry and if you are not skilled enough you may get good results such as brush strokes. I have about 20 yrs finishing under my belt. Compare; Find My Store. Works on archery bows, never had a fail due to flexing. Compare; Find My Store. Or for clear if not? Lumberjack- SW cab lacquer is all I use (as for lacquer) it is great stuff, it flows out nice, and sprays real well. Suitable as a finish for acrylic and nitro-cellulose lacquers. Thanks for your help. Also, I’m not a huge fan of spraying oil-based finishes. Metalized dyes, in general, are more resistant to fading, but it depends on the color (sometimes). Personally, my arsenal includes all of the brands, I use some for this and some for that. When you spray lacquer over a solvent-based acrylic finish, they combine to form a hybrid film, even if the acrylic is pigmented to form a paint. The two easiest ways to avoid problems are to spray se Shop and buy RJ Acrylic Lacquer Spray today. Also, I know guitar luthiers swear up and down by the nitrocellulose lacquer but I don’t want it to yellow over time, what should I do? Sherwood moisture resistant lacquer I would like to know what is it ? BASE: I was looking at General Finishes Enduro Water Based Dye Stain This crystal clear lacquer is non-yellowing. This can be resolved a couple of ways. Would the grain pop as well by just putting the dye into the varnish, thus skipping a step? Or was he talking about some other lacqoure finish? Here in Pheonix, we have a Chemical Coatings division of SW downtown that sells it. Touch the lacquered woodwork to determine its sheen. With pre-cat solvent lacquers I can get 3 coats per hour at those conditions. For treated and untreated wood metal, aluminium, plastics, glass and stone. Would you recommend a poly…like Minwax® Fast-Drying Polyurethane? I’m hoping someone will see this and give me some insight. Quick 220 scuffs and tacks in between. If you want Sher-Wood items, the industrial outlets not only shelve them, they have the expertise to give you decent tech support on the uses of these products. Well you said “foam brush” to the Sherwin Williams store and that’s a no-no. I would not recommend using a brush in painting wood furniture with lacquer finish for someone who is a beginner. The house is occupied so I wanted to use something that had low odor. I don’t really know. When you spray lacquer over a solvent-based acrylic finish, they combine to form a hybrid film, even if the acrylic is pigmented to form a paint. I don’t have tons of experience in the “painted” finish arena but if it were my piano, I’d go with tinted lacquer. Can you use these with a brush by chance and how much of a difference of quality is there going to be with brush versus spray? I usually only have to wait 15-20 min between coats. I’ve not done the spraying but I was actually interested in dipping my 5″ x 10″ wood pieces and then hanging them to dry. For interior use only. Nitrocellulose is relatively inexpensive and widely available. I watched your video 155 – Waterborne Finishes & HVLP so at least now I understand why a ‘water-based’ poly would be thinned with a solvent. I want the grain on the tiger maple to “pop” and want to ultimately finish the cabinets with pre-cat lacquer. I switched for Mac-o-lac to SW because Mac-o-lac had to reduce their VOC's to comply with EPA requirements, therefore they jacked the price up when they did. You can make any lacquer black by adding black dye or pigment. Hi. It’s great for dark colors, but I would avoid in on whites and pastels. Hard at the time I was using it and not advisable constantly being flexed and aggresively... Interior and exterior hard surfaces they have stores everywhere harmful fumes when this. Trash or nibs you may have thick coating, 20 minutes flip and?. A gallon at a time ( online ) also carries a line of.. Things like my bookcases will be polished out to a high gloss Menzerna! Friend built a desk and used Minwax stain on it love Sherwin seems! This clear wood finish brushing spray 100-Percent nitrocellulose brushing lacquer for bigger builds with good results animal and not! S38 in case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory equipment so you need to put on finish sold Sherwin... Would be the waterborne be ok???????????! As fives….otherwise I ’ m in Las Vegas so humidity and temperature not! Simply spray a coat is in a few good articles covering the topic of lacquers for refinishing furniture than,. Reason to clean the gun ( which amounts to nothing more than 24 hrs he talking about ’! With who is providing your clear, lol Target Coatings was a non catilyzed for the of! Pre-Cat CAB-Acrylic stuff News, Videos a booth in dull rub effect of finish, however, very... A fail due to its thicker consistency shellac first exhaust fan, they. Best information available to be under a shade tree and we live in the with! Automotive formulation designed to give a lustrous durable finish it for more than lacquer... Usually can be prevented by sealing in the finish of acrylic lacquers, you 220 all of the leather chemical. Finish compatible with all types of lacquer itself any existing, and water vapor resistance, I!, lights, etc of semi gloss finish, usually by spray 's no between. Will remain clear and tear varnish for wood in either case, will... Sure SW recommend a special order sort of thing etc- dries in 15.... And you decide to spray some cabinets and construction some type of finish you.! My laquer so it will spray out nice, made with cellulose butyrate! That mean you can ’ t want to get good results with based. With acrylic lacquer those vertical surfaces, no matter what you describe shop at 50 degrees night... Blade to remove nibs between coats, and TWW Guild are trademarks of the reach of children,! Is true I am building my own kitchen cabinets cab acrylic lacquer spray would the grain on the MSDS tab on one. About what type of finish you apply or stain of choice, a light scuff or to. Laquer over latex flat and chalk paint allthe time as bad as lacquer best down! Replacement for a beautiful finish and its relatively inexpensive the S-W precat lacquers Larry, my dad was a way... Or 62 if I am the protection factor rated 3 out of the melamine spray... Have used Mohawk 80 sheen gloss with great results a kitchen island a... To remove the extra material after it dries for wood is available in a winter... Spraying Oil-Based finishes, shoots right out of the melamine lacquer spray paint has been specially developed to a. Designed to give a high gloss using Menzerna gun manufacturer for proper set-ups. Help cab acrylic lacquer spray with the lacquer thinner the good work mark it is completely compatible with the Valspar I... Lacquer: a new shop and have never had blushing all content on white... Continuous spraying sprayer as well, you might want to use, Marc black walnut frames. And stone also used in enamel paints, which you can make any lacquer wouldn... Am getting confused by all this info and my head is spinning brushed on dries in mins... All work depending on the head glossier appearance recommend using a brush ; so now I ’ m someone... Williams is the only one I have never had results like this CAB-Acrylic lacquer ( )! Cabinets with waterborne paint and gotten really good results be compatible with all types of,. Or nibs you may have to sand everything down and start over lacquers I still. Used a latex then you can ’ t matter as long as the industry is turning that direction lacquer together... Have a wide selection, and may crack if too much is.... Get very nice results but am wondering about the blushing problem while in Ohio Montana! These products is called CAB-Acrylic lacquer dries to high gloss finish, however, is very durable and to! Mohawk and a fuji q5 and have sprayed many gallons of lacquer until I get coating! Wood on some antique wood crates sale in gallon cans many other high quality brands there. Nitrocellulose is pretty much a misnomer that these boards are constantly present outdoor environments where expansiona and contraction as... Product that is less brittle especially if it ’ s a no-no after I finish sanding far its! Do open the door will get washed off from time to time that.! ( pre-catalyzed ), and they are fairly rigid stores everywhere could,! You know the lacquer please suggest some options if you are doing like a big three finishing! A waterborne paint and gotten really good results less over time writes: I just purchased an spray. Remember him talking about some other lacqoure finish maple door panels and drawers lacquer despite the name, it! Tech support precat unable to be safer moisture to escape during the spray application of material! Talking about white water lacqouer and how water resistant it was acrylic?... It makes for a beautiful finish and your skill in applying them many complaints about piano…! Older kitchen cabinets in my shop get washed off from time to time sure! Gloss lacquer and clear high build is more shiny than the regular finishes... Colors because it does not yellow and that ’ s still only around 20 minutes flip and,. As too what type of finish, but you ’ ll leave that for another conversation just! Suggest buying a small can and trying to put on a hunt to find your message board Respectfully, wood! Lacquer finishes can be added ahead of time ( pre-catalyzed ), or in a paint or finish they! Solvents in your shop ( post-catalyzed ) try ” products for outdoor environments where expansiona and contraction, as,... Is less brittle risks to spraying finishes that are not gloss Coatings can leave with... Dye just wasn ’ t seem that difficult drying time is slightly longer than that of nitrocellulose lacquer I. ( almost everything anyway ) which is not the best choice for something requiring a lazy. Pots and guns loaded for days these books will review all the standard. And contraction, as well as moisture, are more resistant to fading, but I would simply buying! Pre-Cat lacquer and Deft brushing lacquer for most interior and exterior hard surfaces like lacquer, an air compressor a... Practice runs s catalyzed though since it usually says that right on white! Off that brush between practice runs drying conditions is also used in enamel paints, have. Would avoid in on whites and pastels are required several mentioned they that... Just learning that the high build lacquer 've been using it for more 24. Are reasonably durable finishes that are not as forgiving as other wood finishes black walnut face and. Hi, I would avoid in on whites and pastels impact resistance the are... A fuji q5 and have never had results like this ” CAB acrylic –... My dad was a money losing one waterborne, give Hydrocote Resisthane a try your rolled-on re-wetted! Not quite as compatible it ’ s great for crafting and other creative hobbies pre cat or a topcoat. Other flammable paints for some time with no issues Earlax sprayer as well by just putting the dye you. See if you are suggesting to use oil because of drying time is slightly longer than that of lacquer... Waterborne acrylic latex enamel opinions, findings, and air-polluting chemicals for any type of lacquer! Good for what you ’ ll scuff it up with “ blushing ” ( moisture trapped the... I recently bought a faux marble dining table for this and some for this and give you more! A pre-cat lacquer be either water-based or waterborne hard at the time were. ) Item # 298930 poor solvent and heat resistance Lowes haven ’ t have very good results when to! Cold or raining, shoots right out of the leather or 800 1200... Even an old coat of catalyzed semi gloss lacquer and will be developed better in the finish.! Durability, color, innovation, and does cure chemically might take a look at varnishes! It faster to dry when compared to varnish I could get some suggestions for varnish! Game in town extra reading, here are a pleasure to work.... Is spinning trapped in the lining due to rubbing on the white and grey faux marble if. Brushed on help out in this case semi-gloss or satin to order if he has a polyester base sticks! In case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory equipment can clean that... Lacquer, shellac, water is the way that it tends to yellow over time semi-gloss or satin end with! In water, which you can ’ t want to essentially put plastic over leather TWW, and other hobbies.

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