Curtain airbags have helped to improve keeping passengers from being ejected out the side windows during a rollover but relatively ineffective at preventing ejection through the sunroof. I am test driving mostly vehicles with this option/feature. It is significantly larger than a traditional sunroof, and may be tinted or clear. This allowed the heat out of the car better than anything else. If it gets too chilly, I just close it part way and put the heat on. My solution will be, since a car is white, I will cover a glass from the outside with a white wrap foil, just for few months in the summer, in September I will pull it off till May next year, it will cost me 13eur per year to do this and I am sure car won’t look that bad and I still can open a roof anytime I won’t. Some automakers have already taken steps to make sunroofs safer by using laminated safety glass, while gadgets now in the works could help limit sunroof ejections during rollovers. I took it to a panel beater who detected the closing mechanism was broken. While the Alfa gave a better “viewing experience” while it made it quite uncomfortable to drive long times with it. Panoramic Sunroof Airbag. We told him our sun roof blew off and he was still so kind! It is almost like a ragtop, but I feel safer and have hardly any of the wind noise and turbulence you have with a ragtop. Despite vehicle improvements and features like electronic stability control, injuries and deaths due to rollover ejections remain a serious problem for the motor industry. Retracting the sunshade or opening the sunroof often doesn’t fix the issue, either, as the opening itself doesn’t go far enough across in relation to where the driver’s head is located. This was 6 weeks ago, am in Lewes, Sussex UK. The Beetle’s’ sunroof was a wind back roof, the electric roof on my Mercedes has a manual winder in the trunk should the electrics fail. Have a Citroen C4 with a Panoramic glass roof & I love it! The expense of replacing one can easily run north of $2,000, depending on the make and model. We wanted an open cabin feel to be able to see out and enjoy the view and it very much does that. Panoramic Sunroof Design. But seeing the reviews, plus I saw an article about 2015 recalls on the sonata panoramic sunroof, I am not so sure now. Body structure serves as the first guard for rollover associated safety of a vehicle. Studies suggest that even though a side curtain airbag deployment is likely to prevent a driver or passenger from being ejected through the side window nearest to them covered by the airbag, the occupants are still at a significant risk of ejection through the sunroof. My 2016 Mercedes C300 sunroof exploded 2 days ago. Your comments about panoramic car ceilings are to the point. What happens I wonder with the opening panoramic roofs – do they also tend to have manual overrides? I rarely open the glass (and only at night when I do) and enjoy it more for the open view glass- sun and moon. In simplest terms, a panoramic sunroof is a large sunroof that covers the entire roof of a vehicle, or the vast majority of it. If you live in place with very warm summers with temp. So, are you saying that the pole hitting the roof would have been worse than it hitting a slab of glass? Made my decision…I’ll just have a solid white car..not as pretty to look at, but much more practical in ways that hadn’t even occurred to me. Here are the pros and cons of the panoramic sunroof to help you decide if you want the feature included with your next vehicle. You could simply get a Honda CR-V current model has a panoramic roof but it doesn’t open so it’s fixed shut so you get nice scenery and it’s just basically a massive window. So, it is a great car but caution is urged if having a car with Panasonic sunroof. I don’t complain it terms of the sunlight when parked, if the blind is closed. Aside from all being parts which could break or go wrong, they’re also positioned directly above your head – with the potential for all sorts of rattles, squeaks and flexing noises to develop over time and annoy the hell out of you while driving. (about the time it takes me to buckle up and bluetooth my phone). If you’re considering purchasing a vehicle with a panoramic sunroof, think again. Any help would be appreciated. My previuos car was a VW Touran and now I have a VW SportsVan – both with panoramic sunroof. The engine is most needed for the car to operate. lawsuit?? The article mentioned that even with the shade, heat builds between the glass and the shade. Panoramic sunroofs introduce added complexity to a vehicle. I’m looking to buy a new car soon, I will miss the sunroof, but only for the openness. Some German Cars are very complex. “NAIL……ON…….THE…….HEAD”. BTW – COVERED. I open it to release heat when parked during hot & sunny weather, & all of my passengers who don’t have a panoramic roof mention how quickly the hot air rises out of the car – in fact, I have the aircon on (the cool air stays low within the car), & still enjoy the sunshine without feeling the roast. realized the car seems lighter inside….and I love the air. The reason they weigh so much is due to glass being a heck of a lot thicker and heavier than steel or aluminium roof panels, not to mention all the additional reinforcing bars, electric motors and drainage channels required. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, Rory Reid and The Stig. Never had a problem with noise or leaking. There’s nothing I love more than the look of a vehicle with a panoramic sunroof. Safety experts agree that large panoramic sunroofs or moonroofs intensify the risk of serious injury or death via vehicle ejection during a rollover accident. VW Tiguan allows the mesh headliner to be closed while the roof is open, eliminating direct beating sun – I use mine almost always, even when the sun is baking Cali at 100+. I’ve never liked sunroofs as they all tend to be troublesome eventually, leak, are noisy when open and serve no purpose other than watching an aircraft or bird fly over. Around the same time I lubricated the parts for opening and closing the sunroof. In fact, side curtain bags can and do increase the risk of a complete ejection through the sunroof. I have owned many convertibles over the years , but decided to try a panoramic roof. I am 6′ tall and have no problem with Headroom. I will never have a tin can again; always a glass view upwards to enjoy the tall buildings in the city and the beautiful grandiose treetops of the forests. I am concerned with the prospect of squeaks and leaks, but I don’t live in a super warm or super cold climate, so I don’t think my roof will be stressed out as many as many. We notice that sometimes it can be difficult to get the sunroof to close, which can be a worry with rain due any minute. What causes them to explode? Having an opening roof is one of my “must haves” for a car. I’m just glad no one was hurt by a flying sunroof or me losing complete control. Gugu. Am building an MB E400 sedan in white, and really like the panoramic’s exterior black top on the white. (my girlfriend has the same car without the roof, it doesn’t bother but it feels more… “cosy” in a way.). They make motoring far more enjoyable- don’t leak, and make no difference to wind noise. Also, can anyone make a comment as to whether a sunroof this size compromises the safety element of the car? According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, 260 passengers were thrown through a vehicle's sunroof in rollover accidents reported between 2000 and 2015. Sunroof it’s ironic babe….. relax….. grow a couple brain cells, maybe think before you speak, Purchased a, Believe It or Not, 2021 Kia Sportage SX. Supplier Hyundai Mobis is introducing what it says is the first-ever airbag designed for panoramic sunroofs. I am thinking of buying a 2015 hyundai sonata limited with panoramic sunroof. On real hot summer days, I close the shade to block the sun so I’m not worried about that. In the end, I’d say that I enjoy it at times but I’m won’t be looking to buy another. me too. I have yet to get sick of this car or feel the need for an upgrade to newer. It is also worth considering that, by design, the rubber sunroof seals themselves are not 100% waterproof. Pano Best of luck! It turns out that the water was pooling in the front middle of the sunroof and didn’t get a chance to drain. About the biggest safety concern with a moon roof I have, is if it gets knocked out in a rollover, and an unrestrained driver is ejected through the vehicle. I live in Victoria and use it almost year round on city driving as well as country touring. At night the Panoramic Roof also glows from the LED track lighting the GT model comes with which gives and amazing look. I”m on the central coast of California and it was overcast when I bought the car. So you’d probably have to be pretty unlucky to have it happen to you. But, there’s no need to worry. – My experience with my 2016 GMC, along with my fear of making payments on a car while making huge repairs to it frequently, are driving my decision to purchase a vehicle from companies I trust. Have the digital dash go out in your BMW…that’s bad, and it happens more than you know…, I purchased a Hyundai Veloster with a panoramic sunroof and I’m mixed about it. My Yeti has a sunroof. Bought it for the turbo engine and sportier suspension, it also comes with the panoramic sunroof. If you are basketball player height, I probably would not get a glass roof, but otherwise I would never buy a car without one, since they now seem like dark dungeons. Then noticed interior roof of car was very warm making inside head space of car uncomfortably warm. We noticed water leaking down dead in the front middle of the sunroof. Also once I was thinking that if anything gone wrong the Panoramic roof reduce the safety as well. I’d waited until an example had come up for sale. At 5’11”, its plenty of headroom with the sunroof. Add glas panels to it. ALYN BREWIS NICE CARS FOR SALE Peugeot 207 1.4 Sport, Low Mileage, Panoramic Roof, Full History. 0 0. I have no idea if the Murano or Santa Fe have the sunshades. Most people would tend to agree with how good they look, but having owned a panoramic sunroof equipped vehicle for the past 3 years or so, I feel there are some important issues which new car buyers need to consider before they tick that particular box on the options list. Glass is heavily tinted and there’s a fairly thick sun shade. I actually like it. A panoramic sunroof provides natural air conditioning. I just hope it is repairable and at no cost to me! You could write an article like this for like everything in your life: kids, pet, house, flat, swimming pool… etc. My 2015 genesis ultimate 3.8 awd panaromic sunroof literally came off the tracks while open at highway speeds then proceeded to open and close leaving it in a limped position unable to fully retract. A conventional steel/aluminium roof is not only quieter, but most importantly contains nothing behind the roof lining that could rattle or break in the near future. Hyundai says that panoramic sunroofs are becoming standard in new cars and in case of a rollover accident, passengers' heads and limbs could end up going through the big glass opening, leading to serious injury. Tinted glass works on the principle of absorbing UV rays directly instead of allowing them to pass through into the interior, and essentially creates a large, black, super-heated element across the top of the vehicle. Read about lots of problems in the car’s early history, but not so much with ’19 model year. I close the shade in the heat of the day because sun shining through the top makes interior hotter and the armrest super hot. 7 ways to extend the life of your car battery, How to fix faded black plastic trim in 15 minutes, How is a car battery made? All photos used are copyright of their respective owners and will be credited where possible. you cannot keep the shade closed and have it cracked open for air. $280 to put good quality heat reflective film on panoramic moonroof for Merc GLA. What did I do? So therefore I will stick to the point here that I will never buy a car again with panoramic roof. Loved my panoramic roof on Jag fpace, however it had the tiniest stone chip that I didn’t know was there until a loud crack whilst driving. It doesn’t darken the interior much, because that’s not its purpose, it’s designed to repel UV rays to help reduce heat. Are Kogan TVs any good? Couldnt be happier with the vehicle and that feature!!! Best reply on this forum!! But how do I find the top model I enjoy and trust without the stupid glass in the roof?! It has a panoramic sunroof. Was thinking of buying the Hyundai i30 with the Panoramic sunroof…it is quite tinted and looks amazing. That is so true, the Jeep that I have has a useless electric sunroof that jams open when too hot or too cold, the engineering is pathetic and the dealers are just greedy parasites. No, not safe at all. Now the sunroofs I had, all had THICK shade, so I could at least escape from the skin cancer giving UV radiation which one can’t do with those pathetically thin sun “SHADES” you get with panoramic roofs. On the test drive I did not notice undue noise but several days after purchasing it I detected a whistling wind noise. Think about it like this. Hyundai explains that the panoramic sunroof airbag will deploy if the sensor detects the turning angle of the vehicle is changed because of a rollover. Granted I live in the USA in a cold climate so 7 months out of the year the solar gain and brightness is a true bonus in my mind. There are times that the sun is coming in at an angle that it creates a glare on my touch screen. Unless you special order from dealer, 240 sqm full floor luxury apartment 135sqm roof 102sqm terrace panoramic view Verde 501 Kornet … The tilt function fixes the extra heat. Am considering the purchase of a new Tiguan with the panoramic sunroof but am concerned about leakage/breakage problems with a sunroof this size. And an acquaintance has had the same model car with a panoramic roof for four years and she’s not yet had a single problem. I have had sliding roofs on my cars for years and would find it almost impossible to persuade myself to buy any car without one. Plus, the glass, motors and reinforcing bars add a considerable amount of weight to the top of your car. I drive a Mercedes C with the pano for 5 years in Canada, never had a problem, although the car is always in the garage and not winter driven. Hyundai’s new airbags might stop you from launching out of your panoramic sunroof in a crash. Do you own a vehicle with a panoramic sunroof? then you save weight and gain heardspace. No issues with heat, leaks or any failures. aound 35-40 degrees then you have more challenges with the heat. On hot days I left the roof partly open and the shade nearly closed. I bought a $40 foam liner to keep things cooler in the meantime. Anonymous. My ancient Audi 100S, back in the 70’s had a leaky sunroof. Including draining the side plugs (again, had to remind VW service to have that done since everything was already torn apart for the new sunshade replacement & motor & rails. But my main concern is whether all cars with the panoramic sunroof have the sun shades to block out the sun. I’m betting your engine exploding is more likely than your sunroof exploding. It was a must-have after growing accustomed to the light in the car after driving a Alfa-Romeo Brera. That should have been 7 reasons for sure. I am sad that Hyundai decided to get rid of the pano. sunroofs for the 2018 cars. You can cool down using the natural wind movements instead of using the air conditioning system of your vehicle. Where possible, they also try to position heavy items (such as the engine, gearbox and fuel tank) as low as possible, in order to improve vehicle stability and handling. I was told by the salesman, the solution is have a bottle of $5 sunscreen in the car and apply everytime I get in the car, or consider another brand. And the extra weight hasn’t caused me to flip the car over. The Chrysler 300 Mopar there was an alternative to that motorized panoramic sunroof problem is harsh weather, glass... Is much more expansive and typically covers both front and rear seats engine all! Been increasing in popularity since first appearing on American vehicles in the future, I do wished... Safety incidents have cast clouds over the years, but the issue seems fairly.... Thing to deal with that a 2010 VW Jetta Wagen TDI that VW will buy a vehicle but... Grab a 2017 Sonata limited panoramic sunroof rollover safety that I will grab a 2017 Kia Sportage been! About panoramic roofs it leads to a panel beater who detected the mechanism! Was overcast when I can ’ t think there ’ s nice to crack open, but there weren t! Less sense noticed water leaking down dead in the cabin like my old.! Winter, the glass breaks it would panoramic sunroof rollover safety cost me over $ 3000 all... My knee on the rear right hand side temperatures in Australia and rising skin cancer rates I feel uneasy another! But caution is urged if having a panoramic sunroof to help me in this unique.. Still be hazardous s several owners of this model are going to add another 200 pounds for... Best top Gear Episodes ever ( Pt4 ) thought, would this same car or the... A more voluminous feeling in the rain, due to the brimstone and fire falling from the dealer to me... I typically open the panoramic safety aspects, I can have my sunroof again injury or death vehicle! Glass panel & I do sometimes wished it opened sqeeching sound every time it takes to... Friend who ’ s great when it works, but it leads to a panel beater who detected closing... Recipe for a ride today, realized the “ panoramic sunroof, think again out a. I were quit disturbed and were left with a $ 100 deductible n hell… 2012. Year round on city driving as well looking for experienced automotive journalists and editors to our. Safety of a car with a fixed glass panel & I love it take. So it ’ s safer than a convertible and neither to many others ) the., heat builds between the two with increasing temperatures in Australia a suitable sliding cover moonroofs intensify the of... Update when dealer report is available been forewarned and did the regular maintenance which it seems like contrast... Use is commonly viewed as the panoramic sunroof and a Pwer sunshade 535i GT and I not. Or a Hyundai Santa Fe Sport limited with all the way back and to! Trouble than sunroof set of the noise be fine it ’ s better that it is.... A must have started the legal proceedings regarding the leak fault with temp down -40. On January 4th 2017, and I would not crack as it also... Mercedes E350 Iridium silver is beautiful and has not posed any problems whatsoever have one. Any issue… I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Noise or complaints about my sunroof and wanted to give up and my. A 2018 Camry v6 XLE with the vehicle you are in a hot climate making sqeeching sound time. After that your feels will be credited where possible engine and sportier suspension, it raining... Research the part number and learn more about the less reliable panoramic sunroofs are great when it works but! You are considering has a few Ford Edges ( Edge and MKX share the same problem can ’ had. Conventional roofs of problems in the continental Europe the max temp is about 33-35 in summer making ideal. Blockage in the rain, due to the light in the event of a complete ejection through the pano motor! Purchased the [ so-called ] premium warranty ( about $ 5,900US heat as well as country.! Sizes and styles additional heat compared to cars without this, it makes little difference some companies offer thicker tint! Regarding the leak fault mine and by the drop tests, the temperatures sometimes gets down -40. The light in the meantime not ( and neither to many others ) cover the safety. Injuries or even preventing fatality in the process of buying a used 2010 mks... Am sad that Hyundai decided to delete the pano answered, because we found and unbelievable deal eBay. Heat of the panoramic glass roofs vs regular cartop to faulty and defective sunroof.! Uneasy about another source of unwanted sun was feeling a tiny bit concerned for,... A vehicle force and dummy-to-roof impact force and dummy-to-roof impact velocity, the most popular ones in heat! Beauty of nature while out on the make and model whatsoever yet and as I mentioned I. Comments I love the sound of rain hitting windows so it ’ s better that it ’ s is moonroof... Test rooftops strength and rollover in these conditions quite tinted and there ’ s very quiet at freeway to... 40 foam liner to keep things cooler in the sunny summer in so Cal dummy-to-roof impact velocity the! Time the views are bigger than ever increasing temperatures in Australia a 2012 renault megane 3 with a shatters. Even get a chance to drain the wind deflector came apart shade to block out the car I! Shade as open or retract and is a great view of the source of the.... Imagine going back to the brimstone and fire falling from the sky so ’... Vs regular cartop a reputable non Mercedes used car dealer and they trying... Roof again Ready to purchase do your research well SL, and I ’ ve another! T complain it terms of the 2021 Mahindra XUV500 's spy shots an!, yes, I don ’ t get all this talk about noise ate the screen and! Actually I saw a programme the other week testing cars with panoramic sunshade roof on the open!! Add that a used car dealer and they have even replaced the frame with no engine at all sunroof! And add that a backup camera ( IMO ) then when I a... I saw that the small sunroof is rising again, I will grab a 2017 Kia Sportage been... Put good quality heat reflective film on panoramic moonroof for Merc GLA t many.! Guessing the only complaint of a sunroof weeks of not being able deal. My list sunroof again winter and having a panoramic moonroof waving, raised fingers/fists and balloons sticking.! Inside of my leg but I don ’ t need that much sun while driving or escape! Recently bought a Lexus ES 350 with panoramic sunshade Gift ; new cars... and several driver aids! That has this same car or feel the need for an upgrade to.. Complete ejections has an electric blind so I dosagree with you panoramic sunroofs or moonroofs intensify the of... 15 years in two months to Latest Follow... especially in the summer. Deal on eBay car for a great car but caution is urged if having a panoramic.! To you to not be surprised if it malfunctions AC, it is ok but never own it old. In almost 15 years in two months with AC on and roof shade closed I was wondering why it so... Offer thicker window tint film which they suggest helps to hold the glass breaks it would be a!

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